Christmas Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Christmas Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Whether you are shopping for stocking stuffers or a gift exchange with coworkers on a budget, find a gift that says “treat yourself this holiday season,” for less than $30. Because the thought always counts the most, there is no need to break the bank when shopping for a great gift. At Marbela, we have dedicated a whole section of our website called “Christmas Gifts'' to help. In this section you will find everything from bundle sets for the holidays, a brand new Christmas Collection, to Whipped Body soaps and Sugar Body Scrubs. The best gifts should feel luxurious at an affordable price for everyone. This year give the gift of self care.

A Gift Bundle For Everyone!

Now more than ever, it’s so easy for you to gift Marbela to friends who have never tried the brand before or are just curious about sustainable skincare products. That’s exactly why we curate gift bundles each year around the holiday season. This year we have new bundles that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. A personal favorite of mine is the Mini Best Sellers Shaving Gift Kit. It comes with a Snowflake Crystal salt soap to cleanse, a mini Coffee Sugar Body Scrub to exfoliate, a mini Argan Body Lotion to moisturize and an exclusive Whipped Body Soap – aka the perfect shaving cream – you can only get with this collection: Pecan. The scents together will have you smelling like a fresh latte and feeling smoother than ever. Another new bundle this holiday season is our Winter Holiday Artisan Mini Soaps Must-Have Gifts. It includes six mini soaps from the holiday collection displayed on a bamboo soap dish that you can use anywhere in your bathroom to display your soaps. And of course, we brought back some classic gift bundles from last year that you all just couldn’t resist. It brings me pleasure to say that the Naughty or Nice Gift Box, Relax Gift Box, and Santa’s Cookies Gift Box are all returning better than ever with the same best selling products you know and love.

The Holiday Collection is HERE!

We spent the year curating the best holiday collection we have released yet. Some classic holiday products got a facelift and of course we have new products this year for you too! Without further ado, here is the 2022 Marbela Christmas Collection:

The Soaps of Christmas Past:

The Soaps of Christmas Present:

If you are looking for recommendations from the list of new holiday scents, I would highly suggest Eggnog and Cranberry Fig. Side note, Eggnog soap has REAL EGG – wild! Both soaps are particularly beautiful and have scents that hint at the holiday, but could easily be left up year round. And last but certainly not least, this year’s Holiday Collection includes lotion for the first time ever! Argan Body lotion (hyperlink) is a product we have been looking to add to our lineup for a while now and we are so proud to share that we perfected the formula just in time for the holiday season. Unlock added moisture like never before with Marbela’s body lotion and in a scent perfect for the holidays: Peppermint.

Sugar and Spice, Exfoliation That Feels SO Nice

Shaving is arguably the most annoying task anyone has to do in the shower, so why not give a gift that makes an everyday task, a lot simpler. Exfoliating before shaving has numerous benefits, including helping you feel smoother longer. Not only are sugar body scrubs a best seller item, but our Coffee Sugar Body Scrub is the perfect scent to inspire you to tackle your busy days this holiday season. Sugar Body Scrubs are a great unisex gift with three scents that are sure to smell wonderful in anyone’s bathroom. Oh and by the way, if you are shopping for stocking stuffers, the containers that Sugar Body Scrubs come in are the perfect shape for achieving that full, round stocking look.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Whipped Body Soap

If you are considering getting an exfoliating product, you might as well get the moisturizing product that goes with it. Give the gift of long lasting moisturization this holiday season. Whipped Body Soap is the perfect soap to use during the winter if your skin tends to dry out, and it makes a perfect lather for shaving your legs. Also, the shape of the containers of the Whipped Body Soaps are very similar to the containers of the Sugar Body Scrubs so they can also be used to round out the toes of your stockings. And the two containers are stackable in the shower. Sugar Body Scrubs and Whipped Body Soaps really are a match made in heaven.

In Summary:

With the holiday season right around the corner, there is no need to overthink the small gifts this year. Shop Mabela’s Holiday collection to find affordable gifts that are sure to be a hit no matter the setting. Whether you are looking for a whole bundle or just a small item, giving a gift that helps someone prioritize their self care is always thoughtful. If you need any more inspiration for shopping feel free to check out the gift guide for mom’s blog here.

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