About Us

Your body deserves better. You deserve better. That is why Marbela has transformed the product at the core of every cleansing routine. While ordinary soaps dry out your skin, Marbela prioritizes all-natural moisturizing soaps and cosmetics that will take your self-care routine to the next level.
From soaps to lip balms to bath bombs, our product lines continue to grow to meet your needs. 

For years, our family has perfected the recipe for Marbela’s success by hand-making all products in Atlanta, Georgia.

We curate all of our goods using a traditional soap-making process using nothing but sustainably sourced ingredients. 

Here at Marbela, we want to make your daily routine naturally fabulous. Allow us to enhance your shower or bath experience through the power of clean bath products. 

Our Values

Cruelty-Free & Vegan or Vegetarian

Marbela is completely cruelty-free because beauty should never hurt you or anyone else. In addition, 100% of our products are vegetarian, with 90% also being vegan.

As palm oil, a popular ingredient in most packaged products has a significant impact on the deforestation of the world’s most biodiverse forests, Marbela products are free of palm oil always. We encourage you to read ingredient labels and be mindful of what is in your daily use products. 

Handmade with Love 

We make everything in small batches, from scratch! Our family-owned business is in Georgia, where our goodies have been made fresh since 2017. We ensure that our products are each crafted with love and care. 

Clean Packaging

We minimize our packaging to stop contributing to the creation of single-use products, while using biodegradable shrink wrap. 


Thanks for supporting Marbela!

Much love,

Josefina, Founder