Stone & Feather

Stone & Feather

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Stone erodes, while feather moisturizes.  

Scent: Woods
Stone & Feather has activated charcoal on the dark end for a gentle exfoliation. White clay on the other end is a perfect pair to smooth and soften after the exfoliation.
Tea tree and laurel leaf essential oils are infused in Stone & Feather for a woodsy aroma.
Ideal for: all skin types. 
Our Process: 
Marbela Cosmetics specializes in handmade artisan soaps, crafted through a careful cold process saponification. 
All soaps contain Vitamin E, a natural preservative. Because no artificial preservatives are used, keep your soap in a dry spot to extend its use. 
Olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, vitamin e, oats, lye, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, essential oil, fragrance oil.
Always palm-oil free.
How To Use:
Lather the bar of soap in your hands with water to activate the ingredients. Be sure to keep your soap in a dry spot to prevent it from dissolving, as no added preservatives are used. 

Note: Each soap varies due to production in small batches. Weight is approximately 3.5 oz. 

Customer Reviews

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Keegan M
high quality artisanal soap at a great price

The activated charcoal scrub in the soap was great! You could really notice the scrub and the moisturizing effect of the soap.