How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Winter Long

How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Winter Long

How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Winter Long

Chapped lips, dry hands, and cracked heels are a battle every winter, no matter how much we prepare ourselves. That’s why we have created an easy step by step routine to help your skin stay looking its best all winter long. The first step is to start the hydration in the shower. All of our soaps, including the Whipped Body Soap are much more moisturizing than average soaps because our soaps have shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and so much more. The next step is to moisturize from head to toe straight out of the shower. One of the easiest ways to moisturize is just by using a body lotion packed with good-for-you oils like Argan oil, jojoba oil, or sesame oil. For an extra layer of hydration, directly apply healthy oils, like our blend of jojoba oil and shea butter. Finally, grab your lip balm on the way out of the door and tackle any holiday shopping you have left. Your skin will thank you for taking just a few extra steps to ensure that it stays moisturized this holiday season.

Step #1: Hydration That Starts in the Shower

It can be hard to find cleansing products that don’t actively dry out your skin. Regular name brand soaps strip your body of all of the natural oils. Whipped Body Soap is a product we have perfected over the course of the year with this issue in mind. Whipped Body Soap is the perfect product to cleanse without stripping your body of any added moisture. In fact, Whipped Body Soap has almond oil and cocoa butter in the formula to create a thicker lather that locks in the moisture. Don’t forget, hydration starts with the cleansing routine; finding products that are both cleansing and moisturizing will be a life saver for those dry elbows and knees.

Step #2: Moisturize from Head to Toe

After you use your hydrating cleanser in the shower, you want to make sure you are locking that added moisture in and applying a product that can act as a protective barrier for your hair and skin throughout the day. For hair, we highly recommend our Natural Hair and Body Oil. If you are just wanting a little extra hydration for your hair, just add a small amount of the oil to the ends of your hair. For more of a hair mask experience, apply a generous amount all over the head and allow your hair to soak for 12-24 hours. Then wash your hair with your typical products and reveal a shiny, hydrated head full of hair. Also, the Natural Hair and Body Oil is also great to use as a moisturizer for your legs if you are not into a heavy body lotion. For the body, if you’re looking for a rich body lotion to rejuvenate the skin, I would definitely recommend the brand new Argan Body Lotion in Peppermint. Our lotion is the perfect scent for the holiday season and it was designed to keep your skin feeling hydrated all day long. Argan Body Lotion is a blend of four natural oils, handpicked to optimize your skin’s hydration. Natural oils and lotions are the perfect products to fight split ends and dry skin all year long. 

Step #3: Don’t Forget Your Chapstick

One of the easiest things you can do to combat chapped lips this holiday season is just keeping a lip balm in your purse or pocket. However, many of the top brand name lip balms include alcohol in the ingredient list. Alcohol dries out your lips and makes you feel like you have to constantly reapply the lip balm, essentially fighting any hydrating ingredients in the product and ultimately wasting your money. Our Natural Lip Balms are made of just four simple ingredients to optimize the amount of time the lip balms last after application. They are also a whole ounce of product! Compared to a typical name brand chapstick, that's just over six times the product! Keep your Marbela lip balm on you because you never know when you might walk under mistletoe this holiday season. 

In Summary: 

Keeping your skin looking its best does not have to be a struggle this year. Start in the shower by using hydrating products and make sure you lock that moisture in when you get out of the shower. With just a few simple steps your hair and skin can transform from lackluster to shiny and hydrated. And don’t worry, when the seasons change we have you covered there too. For a summer skincare routine check out our blog about keeping your skin healthy in the summertime

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