Summer Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin

Summer Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin

With summer now in full swing, the last thing anyone wants to be using are heavy products that don’t allow the skin to breathe. Too many products can lead to feeling even hotter throughout the day and sweatier… which no one wants! For that reason, here are curated Marbela products that will keep you feeling refreshed and light all day long. Oh and a little sneak peak… it features a new product! All-day freshness begins Marbela’s Must-Haves for the Summer.

A Marbela Routine for Freshness That Lasts All Day Long

The key to feeling refreshed on a hot summer day starts with a healthy self care routine. After you wake up and scroll through your socials for 30 minutes or so, you might roll out of bed and shower to get your day started. If you have oily hair and skin, charcoal is your best friend for unclogging pores and providing a deep cleanse. The solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Duo is a solid choice. The shampoo and conditioner bars keep your hair from feeling weighed down, and a bonus for summer travel, they are TSA friendly. It is nice not to have to stray from your usual routine when you travel, so having products you can throw in a suitcase and take on a plane with you makes them convenient.

The next step of a good shower routine is the newest Marbela product, which is set to hit our online shelves on July 20th. I have no doubt you’re going to be as crazy about this product as I am! Introducing: Sugar Body Scrub in Peach Mango and Lemon. These scrubs are the perfect exfoliant in the shower. Removing dead skin helps to let your skin shine, and it’s especially important for shaving and waxing hair. Also, if you are the kind of girl that prefers an easy fake tan routine as opposed to harsh rays all day, this scrub works beautifully to remove self tan with ease. It is a great additional step to have in your routine for days when you need that deeper cleanse.

A cleansing bar soap is a perfect last step to make sure all of that chlorine is washed off after a long day poolside. Perfectly Peeled bar soap is incredibly refreshing for summertime. I am naturally drawn to citrus soaps, but this one truly fills the bathroom with the most wondrous scents of lemon. If your skin is more sensitive and you want to stray from fragrance, Natural Oats is for you. It is very gentle on the skin with its sweet almond oil, but still leaves you feeling very clean.

Once I hop out of the shower, I like to keep the routine light to start the day. Usually, I brush my teeth, use a facial cleanser and moisturizer, and the next step is always deodorant. One thing about me is I prioritize smelling good throughout the day. Lately, I have been loving the Natural Deodorant Cream for a couple of different reasons. For starters, it is a very gentle cream so it is not harsh on a freshly shaved skin. In addition, it is a great fresh scent that does not overpower a light, floral perfume. It lasts all day without you having to walk around all day smelling like a combination of Old Spice and Viva la Juicy perfume! 

The final step is very simple. During summer, I give myself a break from my makeup routine and stick to SPF, eyebrow gel, and lip balm. Keeping your lips moisturized throughout the day can be hard when the sun is beating down on you, but these Lip Balms are the perfect product to throw in your bag and use throughout the day. Whether you like scented or unscented, there is a lip balm for you. Strawberry Lip Balm is a fan favorite!

In Summary

A good summer routine is all about staying cool and using more lightweight products. Whether you are bathing after a long day in the sun or rushing out the door for work, our goal is for you to feel like the best version of yourself; like we say, feel naturally fabulous.

Products for Summer: 

Because it is that time of year to go back to school, if you haven’t checked out our blog on ways to elevate your community shower experience in college it might be a good time to do so. If you are planning a vacation soon, we also have great products to pack for that. Whatever your future plans are, we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

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