Must-Have Products to Pack for Easy, No-Hassle Traveling

Must-Have Products to Pack for Easy, No-Hassle Traveling

Packing for Spring Break is always a hassle. Whether you are packing for the whole family or just yourself, flying to your destination makes packing even harder. With TSA restrictions on all liquid and aerosol products, it can be difficult to decide what to pack and what to leave at home. Lucky for you, Marbela products were designed with this issue in mind! Our products are all bar formulas, with little packaging making them perfect for traveling in a checked bag or a carry on! Below are our favorite travel goodies perfect for your spring vacay!

Solid Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Duos: 

One of our favorite travel sets is our Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Duos. No more hotel shampoo and conditioner are necessary when traveling with your Marbela Shampoo and Conditioner Bar duos for numerous reasons. For starters, this set is lightweight and easy to pack! Also conveniently, you can bring the shampoo and conditioner that each of your family members enjoy without having to worry about finding everyone a travel size version. That is just one less hurdle to jump when deciding what to pack in your toiletry bag!

Lip Balms:

One of the toughest parts about traveling by plane is staying moisturized while you are in the air. Fortunately, we have just what you need for that!

Our lip balms are made with four simple ingredients, including cocoa butter, almond oil, calendula oil and beeswax, that all have extra moisturizing capabilities. The most convenient part about traveling with the lip balms is the small, pot-shaped packaging that can be thrown in any bag you are planning on taking with you. Don’t have room in the bag? You can just throw it in your pocket and be on your way!


The classic Marbela soaps are a must-have when packing for spring break! The first reason being that each bar can be used a multitude of times, making our soaps plenty for the whole family to use while on vacation. Compare this to a three ounce bottle of liquid body wash that might last one family member the whole week. In addition, liquid body wash comes in plastic bottles, but our soaps come in lightweight, eco-friendly packaging that is better for you and for the environment when you are traveling.


If you were ever curious about tips on products to pack for your next spring break trip, or better yet any vacation, then the answer is always Marbela. With conveniently crafted, minimalistic packaging in mind, our products are super easy to just throw in your toiletry bag wherever you plan on going. Thanks to Marbela, there is no reason for skipping over your favorite products and opting for trial sizes when packing for a flight anymore. Take the products you know and love with you without having to worry.
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