How to Use Whipped Body Soap

How to Use Whipped Body Soap

There is nothing I love more than a product that can be used for more than one thing. It makes spending money on a luxury item feel worth your buck! Whipped Body Soap is the newest multi use product to hit Marbela’s shelves, and the whipped soap is made in two scents that are just perfect for summertime. Flower Bomb transports you to a fresh field of wildflowers upon opening the jar. If the beach is more your vibe for this summer, then prepare for Mango Coco to bring you to paradise without ever leaving your bathroom! The dual purpose of the Whipped Body soap is hinted at in the name. Of course, because it is a soap, it is a great product for cleansing and hydrating. Whipping the soap allows it to produce a thicker lather, which makes it the perfect product to use as a shaving cream to avoid razor bumps and rashes. Great skincare products are multipurpose, but the best multipurpose skincare products won’t dry out your skin in the process.

The Definition of Dual Purpose

As mentioned above, there are a couple of uses for the Whipped Body Soap. The first use, and the more obvious of the two, is to use the product as a typical body soap. You know the drill – rub it on and rinse it off! For extra lather, use a loofah or a washcloth. If a hand is all you have, that’ll still work! The second use for the product is a little less obvious, but it is actually my favorite of the two uses. Because this product is whipped, it naturally has a richer lather than the average body soap, so it doesn’t just slide down your body the way normal suds do. This makes it perfect for shaving in the same way that some women use conditioner to shave their legs. The thicker lather actually helps to protect from getting razor burn and rashes after shaving. First, get your skin wet. Next, grab some whipped body soap and spread it on the part of the body you are shaving. Finally, shave with ease, and make sure the soap is rinsed off when you are done. When we say multi-use, we mean it! And not in the way that some men use Head and Shoulder 3 in 1 all over their whole body...

In Summary

As a small business, each batch is hand-piped into the jar and made fresh to order. We are extremely proud to bring our famous artisan bar soap in a new form. The multi use of the Whipped Body Soap makes it a staple in any bathroom, but especially one lacking space for multiple products. Not only is Whipped Body Soap great for cleansing, but it also adds a boost of unmatched moisture, aroma, and it is the perfect product for shaving. In addition to the practicality of the product, both variations smell wonderful and capture the essence of summertime scents. Check out Whipped Body Soap exclusively on and if you haven’t checked out our other blogs about gift ideas for moms and teachers, easy travel packing hacks, and ways to improve your communal bathroom experience then feel free to check those out at your leisure as well!

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