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Major coffee shop vibes here

Scent: Spicy

Do you ever walk into a coffee shop and take the deepest whiff of that fresh coffee air? Not just us? ... Espresso soap will have you doing the same. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Notes of coffee and dark chocolate blend nicely with woodsy tobacco to bring you back into your local coffee shop. 

Fresh ground coffee naturally exfoliates skin to reveal your glow, and cocoa butter works to deeply moisturize and soften skin.  

Ideal for: All skin types.

Our Process:

Marbela Cosmetics specializes in handmade artisan soaps, crafted through a careful cold process saponification.

All soaps contain Vitamin E, a natural preservative. Because no artificial preservatives are used, keep your soap in a dry spot to extend its use.


Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, coffee, vitamin e, oats, kaolin clay, essential oil, fragrance.

Always palm-oil free.

How To Use:

Lather the bar of soap in your hands with water to activate the ingredients. Be sure to keep your soap in a dry spot to prevent it from dissolving, as no added preservatives are used.

Note: Each soap varies due to production in small batches. Weight is approximately 3.5 oz.